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Letter From the Pastor

I had planned for this article to be a clever theological discussion about the fruit of the Spirit.  But I am led to share a story.

I write these comments on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.  I had a decision to make about this day.  Presbytery was meeting in Ft Worth on Thursday.  Because of other scheduling conflicts and the distance to travel I had missed the last couple of presbytery meetings.  Lately I have been feeling disconnected from presbytery.  So, because the meeting was scheduled for a Thursday, I had looked forward to attending.  I have been craving fellowship time with my fellow pastors.However, Thursday was also the day of the final event for the Wildcat Mentors. 

Throughout this school year I have been a Wildcat Mentor for a fifth grade student at Western Hills.  We meet 2-4 times a month for lunch.  The students in this program are at-risk students.  I spend time with my mentee listening, encouraging, celebrating, consoling, sharing, guiding and helping.  However, it is not always easy to know if I was making any difference.  Many times he wouldn’t share much with me.  I am seasoned youth ministry veteran, so I have felt this feeling often!

 As the school year progressed the smile on his face when he saw me indicated he looked forward to seeing me.  He was always very disappointed when I was not able to be there during a week – and told me so!  When I arrived at school I could see in his facial expression that our time together was the highlight of his day.  So, choosing to attend the closing event to see my mentee was a very easy decision to make.

The final event was at a local water park.  I expected that my mentee would be very absorbed in the water park.  I didn’t expect we would have much time to visit.  As I greeted my mentee upon his arrival he couldn’t contain himself.  He needed to talk about what happened in his home the prior night and before school.  His father and mother apparently had a very explosive argument throughout the night and morning and his father left the house in the morning in a fit of rage.  My mentee was very shaken and afraid.  He was devastated and not sure what he would find when he went home after school.  Obviously he was feeling a range of emotions – as was I.  I was incredibly humbled that I was the one to whom he wanted to talk.  I see why it was so important for me to be there!

I share this story not because I have a need for affirmation.  It reminds me of the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  When we walk in the Spirit the fruit of the Spirit is born.  Sometimes we are the instruments of God’s grace and love.  I have seen many of you do this!   Sometimes we receive of this gift through another.  All of us have received this gift. 

I suppose a theological discussion about the fruit of the Spirit can wait for another day.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Ken
 Ken Stanton

One of the most important parts of our corporate worship is the celebration of the Lord's Supper. As we gather as a family of faith around the Lord's table, we remember and celebrate God's greatest act of love in sending his Son to save us. Over the next several months we will expand our body of Lord's Supper hymns to help us in this celebration.

Our hymn of the month for June is "We Gather as Guests Invited", hymn 504. The text was written in 1975 and set to a 16th century German tune. The text reminds us of the central elements of our faith - faith, grace and hope. One phrase in the second stanza helps us focus on the reason we observe this ordinance each month. "with wonder and thanksgiving for love that knows no end".
Can You Operate a Laptop?
We Need Your Help on Sunday Morning!

The video projection system is working efficiently and smoothly and is enhancing worship at FPC. We need more volunteers to help run the system on Sunday mornings. It's easily learned (it runs from a laptop), If you think you might enjoy helping with this, let Pastor Ken know.

Food Pantry

First Presbyterian is collecting food and items for Churches Touching Lives for Christ (CTLC). CTLC is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven, faith-based pantry located in Temple that provides groceries, gently used clothing, and household items to Bell County residents who are struggling to make ends meet. There is a collection bin in the Atrium. On the last Sunday of each month the items we collect will be dedicated in worship and then delivered to the pantry. If you would like to volunteer your time to help out at CTLC talk to Pastor Ken or check out the CTLC website.


Friday, June 30 at 6:30 P.M.

 Family style menu of brisket, sausage, ribs, cole slaw, potato salad, corn,and pinto beans with tea or water.

Cost: $15.95 plus Tax and Tip

  For anyone needing help with transportation, please call the church office. For anyone needing a little assistance with the cost, supplementary funds are available: please call the church office.

Thank you to the FPC Congregation for saving your box tops. Although we didn’t have as many this year, the school was very appreciative. Currently, there are 740 students enrolled, which is down a little from last year. Jefferson is designated an “economically disadvantaged” school, so every student has a free breakfast and a majority get a lunch. Jefferson will be holding summer school again this year. They also have a program of sending home  food on the weekends with kids in need. This program is coordinated by CTLC so our contributions to them help with this program. CTLC would love a financial contribution for this project as well. Keep saving your box tops. The box tops are on most General Mills products, as well as plastic bag products, Progresso Soup and even some brands of copy paper
Clean Water Trip
in June
Two of the members of our Mission Team will be traveling to Nicaragua in early June. They will visit Las Lajas and Los Chimbos, the two communities where our church has helped install a Living Waters for the World water system. We are committed to three years of assistance to each of these communities following the installation. We will also be visiting two potential sites for a possible third installation on the east coast of Nicaragua. An update will be provided after the trip. Prayers for the journey would be welcome. Thank you for your continued support of this important mission service of our church. Donations toward the next installation of a clean water system can be sent to the church office.
Look for the
First Presbyterian Church
booth at the
Baylor Scott  White
Community Showcase
June 29th  
5:30 - 8:00 pm
The Mayborn Center
Looking Forward to
God Speaking in our Lives

   June 4                           John 7:37-39

   Celebration of Lord’s Supper

   The Disruptive Jesus


   June 11                        Psalm 8

   Understanding Dominion


   June 18                       Matthew 9:35-10:8

   Call of Compassion


   June 25                       Hymns and the Bible


June Cross Training
Freedom and Fruit:
Growing in Christlikeness

Pastor Ken will lead a new adult Cross Training class beginning June 4 on the fruit of the Spirit.  The Bible teaches us that Christ has set us free.  But what does this mean for our everyday lives?  We will talk about Paul’s answer in his letter to the Galatians as we seek to grow in Christlikeness.  The class will run throughout the summer till August 13.


June 2017 Calendar

Friday June 2
Open Date
Saturday June 3
Open Date
Sunday June 4
Cross Training - 9:30 am
Coffee Fellowship - 10:30 am
Worship with Communion - 11:00 am
First Sunday Fellowship - Noon
Monday June 5
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Tuesday June 6
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Wednesday June 7
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Chancel Choir Practice - 7:00 pm
Thursday June 8
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Friday June 9
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Saturday June 10
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Sunday June 11
Cross Training - 9:30 am
Coffee Fellowship - 10:30 am
Worship - 11:00 am
Monday June 12
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Tuesday June 13
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Wednesday June 14
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Chancel Choir Practice - 7:00 pm
Thursday June 15
Mentoring Group - 7:00 pm
Friday June 16
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Saturday June 17
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Sunday June 18
Cross Training - 9:30 am
Coffee Fellowship - 10:30 am
Worship - 11:00 am
Monday June 19
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Tuesday June 20
Team Meeting
Wednesday June 21
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Chancel Choir Practice - 7:00 pm
Thursday June 22
Writer's Group 1:00 pm
Friday June 23
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Saturday June 24
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Sunday June 25
Cross Training - 9:30 am
Coffee Fellowship - 10:30 am
Worship - 11:00 am
Monday June 26
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Tuesday June 27
Session - 6:00 pm
Wednesday June 28
Meals on Wheels - 10:00 am
Chancel Choir Practice - 7:00 pm
Thursday June 29
Baylor Scott & White                         Community Showcase - 5:00 pm
Friday June 30
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